Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Check. Check. Check.

My 3x5 card was smashed full of to-do scribbles made with my mini purple sharpie. Every time I was distracted during finals I would pull the little card out of the front of the clear plastic pocket crammed with legal documents, and jot down one more thing to do during my two weeks off. The time is here! Hurray! Here's what I did today:

1.) Made hundreds of espresso beverages.
2.) Read the pros and cons of every prop drafted to save California from its budget deficit
3.) Took my car over to Rick's Muffler for some alignment and repair. And while the car was being fixed I walked around downtown and
4.) Voted
5.) Opened a savings account.
6.)Read an article in TIME and an article in The New Yorker. Then at home I
7.)Set up online bill pay
8.)Found a new dentist and made an appointment
9.)Sorted through all the lovely literature I intend to read in the next two weeks:

1 comment:

joe-c said...

Wow! That's one productive day! Way to go!