Thursday, December 18, 2008

Josh Radin in the rain

Last night it was pouring rain. It had been pouring rain for 3 days with only a little sunshine break the day before. I pulled myself from the cozy wood burning stove in my house and declared that I was going to the gym.

"Now?!"said the others. Yes now. My life doesn't end when it rains. Rain is life. I pulled up to the gym to see people running crouched over with hands above their heads as if eggs were falling from the sky. People never looked like that in DC. California has a special look. It's called the raining chicken run.

Pouring rain, a soy Joy misto, and a little Josh Radin.

Bring it on. I'm smiling.


~gift~ said...

Perfect. Perfect music, too. Where did you find Josh? I'd never heard of him, but I like it. Is his stuff for sale?

RSP said...

I actually discovered him from my roommates ipod and have listened to him on Pandora ever since. On my wedding road trip to AZ we listened to his new CD in the car and it was brilliant! He's on itunes.

joe-c said...

I love it. And I will forever be conscious of how I run in the rain :-)